Readers’ wildlife photographs

Why Evolution Is True

We have a grab-bag of miscellaneous photos today, starting with a “spot the animal” quiz. This one is easy, and an enlargement is at the bottom of this post.  Reader Florian wrote in yesterday:

Hiking in the desert this morning in the Indian Canyons south of Palm Springs, Calif. I stopped to take picture of the barrel cactus and then noticed the antelope ground squirrel [Ammospermophilius sp.] next to the cactus at [CLUE REDACTED] He seemed almost tame and let me get close for a nice cellphone picture as he was nomming a cactus fruit. This is a fairly remote trail and i was surprised he seemed accustomed to humans.

Can you spot the squirrel? You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it, then, after a short interval, clicking again to see it on its own:


Diana MacPherson was suffering from a migraine yesterday, and was consoled by finding…

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